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The Honorary Board of Standards / Executive Board and Fellows for AAFM/ACCE is composed of professionals including faculty Deans from several Universities and world renowned Economics Practitioners and Financial Planning Practitioners

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ACCE Inc holds 2nd Induction Ceremony University of Cape Coast conference Hall
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ACCE Induction /PD Programme

ACCE® Inc (Association of Certified Chartered Economists) is a professional body organized under the auspices of the prestigious American Academy of Financial Management AAFM® (with membership in over 150 countries and in alliance with 560 universities) meant to regulate the conduct and activities of the Economics profession globally.

The idea of Chartering in some specific career based aspects of Economics as a profession evolved in the United States of America and for some years now the Chartered Economists ideology is being spread by the Prestigious American Academy of Financial Management.

With the agreement between the ACCE® Inc (Association of Certified Chartered Economists), and the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM® Inc), the Academy has certified and accepted ACCE® Inc as the sole Training Centre for people who want to pursue courses leading to the award of Chartered Economists Certificates in the approve fields of Economics and Economic Policy Analyst by AAFM® Inc.

Per the co-branded agreement between ACCE® Inc and AAFM® Inc, ACCE® Inc (Association of Certified Chartered Economists) will charter in the following field and with time introduce courses relevant to the field of Economics?

The field to be chartered includes:

Chartered Petroleum Economics Ch.PE.
Chartered Industrial Economics Ch.IE.
Chartered Managerial Economics Ch.ME.
Chartered Financial Economics Ch.FE.
Charetered Energy Economics Ch.EE.
Chartered Health Economics Ch.HE.
Chartered Economic Policy Analysis CEPA.

  • To train students / graduates with modern skills and techniques needed to translate theories into practical skills and to position professional economists at the highest level in the labour market.

  • To position ACCE® Inc. in the global spectrum by maintaining it alliance with AAFM®

  • Increase our effectiveness as a service-based Association that meets the diverse needs of alumni.
  • To assess our members by holding Examination in economics and other subjects relevant to the profession and to issue certificate of merits on the results and to make other awards as desirable.

  • To make it mandatory for all students and graduates of economics to sit the professional examination of the Association in order to acquire higher professional status as Certified Chartered Economists.

  • To build a strong, broad-based coordinated comprehensive fundraising program to increase the ACCE® Inc. financial strength to support future growth.

  • To gazette members of the Association and recommend them for employment vacancies
Vision Statement

ACCE® Inc. is a professional Association of Economists with required business resources, strength and capacity to train all people who aspire to be Chartered Economist anywhere in the world to solve numerous humankind socio-economic problems and to bring all economists under one umbrella and to protect their interest.

Mission Statement

ACCE® Inc. mission is to train students / graduates with our renowned economist's resource persons to translate theories learnt in the classrooms to practical skills needed in the modern corporate environment in order to solve Energy, Managerial, Health, Financial and Industrial problems facing humankind and to contribute efficiently towards Economic Policy Formulation.

Categories Of Membership

Membership of the Association is divided into five (5) categories:

(a) Fellows Membership (FCCE)
(b) Associate Part III (Ch.E.)
(c) Associate Part II (ACE)
(d) Associate Part I (AE )
(e) Fundamental Level (FL)
Fellow Membership

This category of membership is reserved strictly for the founding members and few individuals who have proven ability as renowned professional Economists in their various areas of Endeavour's or Specialization.

Also, at the recommendation and approval of the council, individuals who have offered services of a special nature to the Association or who have made the Association proud by way of their contribution to National Economic Policy Implementation thereby enhancing the country's Economic growth and development.

Furthermore, an Associate Part III member of the Association, having practiced (and with evidence of being in practice) can apply after ten (10) years of demonstration of practical ability to the council, for fellowship.

Such application is subject to ratification and approval of the council must justify the laid down requirements for the award of fellowship.

Holders of the fellowship are entitled to use the abbreviations FCCE (Fellow Certified Charted Economists) after their names.

Associate Part II & III Membership

the Associate part II & III membership of the Association is awarded to: Candidates who have passed all sections of professional examinations and have satisfied all other laid down requirements of the Association for the award of an Associate.

After due consideration based on all section of responsibility, experience, education and training by the council, Directors in Ministries and Public Prostates, Chief Executives in private sectors who are professionally inclined in Economic matters and related discipline may be awarded this category of membership.

The award of this category of membership entitles the holders to use abbreviation ACE and ChE respectively after their names.

Associate Part I

Associate part I membership of the Association is open to any body who possesses any of the following qualification.

Diploma from any accredited Ghanaian or overseas tertiary institution in any field.

The Higher National Diploma from any accredited Ghanaian or overseas polytechnic in any field and any other professional certificate or diploma certificate recognized by the council.

Fundamental Level

The Association considered it worthwhile to establish a lower cadre qualification. This is with a view to accommodating the less privilege students who are unable to obtain the prescribed qualification to register for the professional examination.

This certificate is awarded to those candidates who have passed the association's examinations (FL).

Entry Requirement

PhD, MPhil, MBA, MA, M.Sc, B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, B.ED, HND, Diploma (Economics, Accounting, Management, Banking and Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, Agric Economics, Business Administration, Marketing, Logistics and supply etc) ACCA, CIMG, ICA, ICM(UK) Prospective First Degree and HND Holders, Senior High School Certificate (General Arts, Business) etc.

Are you into Investment Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Economic Policy Formulation, Actuarial Studies, Wealth Management and Investment etc then enhance your professional status by joining ACCE® Inc. Today.

Note: A subject to subject exemption is granted to holders of Diploma, HND, B.A, B.SC, M.SC, base on the relevance of their course of study.

Induction Course

The ACCE Inc. (Association of Certified Chartered Economists) organizes induction courses for all newly admitted members and Graduates.

The induction ceremony is usually rounded up with the issuance of certificates of membership to all the newly admitted members. In most cases seminars and workshop are organized to complement the induction program.

Benefits of Membership and Certification

The key benefit for certification holders is obviously the ability to add a professional designation and post nominal to your list of resume qualifications and it can also be display on your business card, letter head, email signature etc.

For most individuals certification is one of the key drives of membership and the pursuit of higher education through the AAFM/ACCE acceptance programmes. However, other key benefits exist such as:

  • Access to one of the top graduate economics and financial professional networks around the globe providing the opportunity to network with charters and members throughout the world.

  • The membership certificate of the Association of Certified Chartered Economists (ACCE) is awarded by the Most Prestigious American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) and as such, it's fully recognized in the USA, 70 Countries and 560 Institutions worldwide.

  • As part of the AAFM certification package, ACCE members are to receive scholarship to pursue a Masters (LL.M in Taxation, Economics and Finance) and Doctorates Degrees at Thomas Jefferson School of Law at San Diego in California.

  • ACCE as part of its certification will engage in job training that's bi-weekly brings together recruiters, alumni, students, employers and career experts through online Webinars Network with AAFM students and alumni employed by Big Firms, Banks, Multinational Companies and Governments: e.g. Dewey Lebouf, KPMG, WellsFargo, Tyco, and IRS.

  • As part of the AAFM certification, ACCE members will be provided practical approach to Tax, Finance and Economics taught by Professionals and Revenue Officers that focuses on cutting edge developments like Pricing, Financial Instruments and International Estate Planning.

  • As part of the AAFM certification, ACCE students will be given free access to and training on the largest online library to tax/financial service databases of any institution globally, including compliance and planning software.
  • An online system that will confirm your membership and certification to employers or other interested parties.
  • Opportunity of being linked to some corporate bodies who request for specialist through
    the ACCE Recruitment agency.


The professional examination of the Association (ACCE & FL) (all part) is held in January and July of every year. Only registered students of the Association who have paid their annual subscription and the special levy up to date are eligible to apply for the examinations.

Candidates will be required to register for the January and July professional Examinations by sending a mail or downloading the student registration form from our website.

Examinations and assessment are currently provided as part of the course framework of an ACCE/AAFM registered or accredited training programs.

The assessment is based on centralize examinations with a local and international component to the examination program.

Core programs will be the first to qualify for global assessment with specializations being assessed through course framework as currently performed.

The examining body (ACCE/AAFM Examination committee) is responsible for providing examination questions for assessment and marking of scripts. Examinations of ACCE will be held in all the regional capitals and centers will be communicated to candidates three (3) months to the examination.

Change of centre by candidates after submission of entry form, where one examination centre has been selected on the application form will not be allowed by the Association.

Candidates are entreated to give due consideration to several factors that may influence them before they choose an examination centre, because the Association will prepare full list of candidates for each centre they have personally chosen and failure to be at the venue will be treated as examination absence.

- Course Modules (click here)


Scope of the Examinations

Scope of the Examinations

- Past Exam Question (click here)


Communication Of Examination Results

The examination results of the Association will be communicated through the electronic mail and by
postal address or post office box provided by the candidate to the Association.

Examination Pass Mark

The Association wish to ensure quality training of its members without compromising its standards, for this reason the examination pass mark is 50% for each subject.

A minimum of two subjects in an examination diet must be passed at 50% and this will be recorded in the candidate favour at any time examination is conducted.

When a candidate is unsuccessful in four attempts examination sitting, such a candidate would be withdrawn from the Association's examinations.

Absence From Examination

ACCE members who apply for the Association's examinations will not be allowed to cancel his or her application by personal withdrawal except it is connected with disqualification, not meeting academic requirements, ill health, bad character for which it is the jurisdiction of the Association to cancel application and no fees shall be refunded in all respects.

Proper And Ethical Use Of ACCE ™ Designations

To add an ACCE post-nominal or certification to your business card or your resume requires

you receive a recognized “award”, as such there are two specific types of awards available; a. Academic award such as an MBA, PhD, M.Sc, etc and b.

Board of Certification or professional award:, ACE ™, ChE ™, CEPA ™ , FCCE ™ AAFM / ACCE designations must be used appropriately if the Association and the Academy are to maintain control of their use and ensure that our high standards are adhered to.

For the purpose of this discussion, we will use the entry and core ACCE qualification of ACE or Associate Certified Economist as an example.

The ACCE ™ or any AAFM ™ mark must always be used as a Board Certification or Designation wherever possible; the full designation title should be used such as follows: Peter B. Aglobitse, ™ ™.

PhD, CEPA , FCCE CEPA ™ - Chartered Economic Policy Analyst FCCE ™ - Fellow Certified Chartered Economists ChE ™ - Chartered Economist ACE ™ - Associate Certified Economist.


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