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The Honorary Board of Standards / Executive Board and Fellows for GAFM/ACCE is composed of professionals including faculty Deans from several Universities and world renowned Economics Practitioners and Financial Planning Practitioners

Enhance your Competitiveness. Add Master's Doctoral or Law Degree to your ACCE Qualification from Prestigious Universities

MAR 10
ACCE Inc holds 2nd Induction Ceremony University of Cape Coast conference Hall
AUG 09
ACCE Inc holds 1st Induction Ceremony University of Ghana Business School
NOV 10
ACCE Induction /PD Programme

Global Academy of Finance Management ™

The Global Academy of Finance Management TM is a worldwide Board of Standards and financial professional organization, with members in 150+ countries offering our exclusive certified designations, charters, and masters certification to candidates who meet the high standards.

As for recognized training, GAFM Board of Standards approves and recognizes top 560+ accredited business schools, law schools and programs around the world.

If you desire to be recognized by our worldwide academic & professional organization and improve your education, resume, or credentials, then, you are taking the best step to a better career and achieving graduate financial designations.

You can gain board certification and a charter as a financial professional, wealth manager, market analyst, financial and investment planner, asset manager, trust and estate planning analyst, or economist. © GAFM offers several industries recognized graduate designations to qualified professionals.

The GAFMA was originally established in as a professional organization for investment managers, lawyers, and analysts.

The Law Review was founded to examine strategic wealth and estate planning issues for Law, CPA, PhD, and MBA graduates and to award the wealth management, estate planning, and tax designations.

GAFM currently recognizes over 120,000 PhDs, Lawyers, CPAs, AACSB Graduates, & Masters Degree Holders as associate members and executive members in over 141 nations.

As there had not been a graduate professional financial organization specifically for MBAs, CPAs, Lawyers and PhDs, the GAFMTM has met this need and become the organization of choice for highly educated individuals or industry experts because GAFM requires an accredited college degree for membership and certification.

Furthermore, GAFMTM has 7 primary compliance friendly board certifications that are listed and recognized on the Authorative Investor Education™ Websites, and GAFM is also recognized on the US Department of Labor BLS Brochures.

GAFMTM also has negotiated global trademark agreements with the CFPTM Board of Standards and the CFATM Institute. GAFM is best known as the 1st to extend direct global recognition to the top 2 business school accreditation agencies that accredit 560+ business schools worldwide.

Through this GAFM Board policy agreement, GAFM is able to accept course credit for advanced standing from the government recognized business schools globally. Moreover, GAFM has executive training available worldwide to accommodate those seeking executive board certification. 

GAFMTM is the regulatory body for the much sought after GAFM™ Designations and Credentials. The GAFM™ Executive Designation Programs provide the assurance that the holder has met the suggested criteria for graduate credentials set out in the Ibanez US Supreme Court Decision.

Further, the GAFM board certification requires passing 6 different levels of standards. Acceptance into the GAFM is a high distinction and requires the holder to possess a graduate level portfolio of skills and knowledge.

Acceptance statistics are not high, and the designation when achieved is a high honor strictly for accredited degree graduates.

The GAFM Board of Standards is also a founder of the Accreditation Council for Finance and Management (ACFM) The Accreditation Council is an independent accreditation body seeking to identify the best in management and finance education and training. ACFM also serves as a ranking, policy, accrediting and standards organization. 

The GAFMTM has seen a meteoric rise to affluence and membership in recent years, as financial executives and managers strive to maintain and augment their education, credentials, integrity, and skill sets.

GAFM has strategic partnerships with 560 business schools globally through the top two business school accreditation agencies worldwide, The AACSBTM International and The ACBSPTM.

GAFM also has an alliance with the Asian Center for Professional Excellence, The Asian Bankers Association, The RSOF Royal Society of Fellows Worldwide, and GAFMTM provides has provided some of the most elite global conferences on finance, tax, investments, law, wealth management, portfolio management, economics, and ecommerce issues on several continents. 

GAFM’s mission is to serve its global membership and stakeholders as a world leader in educating and reinforcing the international knowledge of executives and potential leadership of financial based institutions.

GAFMTM now has representative offices in the US World Trade Center N.O. Center, Hong Kong, Beijing, India, Dubai, Kuwait, Latin America and South America, Singapore, The Caribbean, Europe, and more.

Moreover, GAFM™ is a candidate for recognition from the United Nations. GAFMTM mandates consent to high standards of professional conduct, and GAFM activities are International in nature and scope. As seen in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Financial Times, The Hindu National, The El Norte Latin America, The Arab Times, and The Beijing Times. 

Our GAFM Certification Training Partners have trained clients that include: Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Xerox, NASA, HSBC Bank, China Construction Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, The Government of Dubai, BAE Systems.

United States Securities and Exchange Commission, The US NAVY, Department of Energy, The Department of Interior, 3M Asia Pacific, Dow Chemical, Hewlett Packard Singapore, Indian Overseas Bank, Shangri La Hotels, and HUNDREDS MORE 

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