The Honorary Board of Standards / Executive Board and Fellows for GAFM/ACCE is composed of professionals including faculty Deans from several Universities and world renowned Economics Practitioners and Financial Planning Practitioners

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MAR 10
ACCE Inc holds 2nd Induction Ceremony University of Cape Coast conference Hall
AUG 09
ACCE Inc holds 1st Induction Ceremony University of Ghana Business School
NOV 10
ACCE Induction /PD Programme

All GAFM certifications, charters and masters designations are issued directly from the USA with seal, stamp, and registered agent mark.

GAFM™ Certifications, Charters and Designations

  • Ch.E.
  • Chartered Economist Certification™
  • CWM
  • Chartered Wealth Manager Certification™
  • MFP
  • Master Financial Professional™
  • RBA
  • Registered Business Analyst™
  • RFS
  • Registered Financial Specialist™
  • CAM
  • Chartered Asset Manager™
  • CAPA
  • Certified Asset Protection Analyst™
  • CAMC
  • Certified Anti-Money Laundering Consultant™
  • CCC
  • Certified Chartered Cost Controller™
  • CCA
  • Chartered Compliance Analyst™
  • CCO
  • Certified Compliance Officer™
  • CCA
  • (Credit) - Certified Chartered Credit Analyst™
  • CCB
  • Certified Corporate Banker™
  • CITA
  • Certified International Tax Analyst™
  • FAD
  • CMA - Chartered Market Analyst™
  • CORM
  • Certified Operational Risk Manager™
  • CPM
  • Chartered Portfolio Manager™
  • CRA
  • Certified Risk Analyst™
  • CTEP
  • Chartered Trust and Estate Planner™
  • CEPA
  • Chartered Economic Policy Analyst™
  • CFOM
  • Chartered Family Office Manager™
  • CPES
  • Certified Private Equity Specialist™
  • CPRM
  • Project and Contract Risk Specialist™
  • CTS
  • Certified Chartered Transfer Pricing Specialist™
  • ChMA
  • Cert. Chartered Mortgage Analyst™
  • MFM
  • Master Certified Financial Marketer (Certification)™
  • MFC
  • Master Financial Controller™
  • Master Certified Islamic Finance Professional™

MFP - Master Financial Planner™
Legal Note: Each jurisdiction globally and in the USA in particular may have various
promotional rules and advertising regulations for persons who provide legal advice and
hold out legal credentials to the public.

Thus, please check with your local authorities, CPA board, SEC, state regulators, or state bar before using the words "Board Certified", Specialist, Expert, Master or other.

In many jurisdictions, under the US Supreme Court Cases PEEL or IBANEZ Decisions, the use of designations, board certification, academic qualifications, and other certification credentials is permitted under specific situations.

Most members in 150+ countries of GAFM (which is implied) are using their credentials
in the: finance, tax, investment, banking, government positions, legal and regulatory,
consulting, academic & teaching, and accounting world.

Membership and Certification by GAFM™

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  • Protect your job and be recognized by an independent and global authority
  • The GAFM Credentials and Board Certifications are for those who want to rise above the rest
  • You can add GAFM to your Resume, Degree or Professional Licenses & Improve your image and salary potential
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