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The Honorary Board of Standards / Executive Board and Fellows for GAFM/ACCE is composed of professionals including faculty Deans from several Universities and world renowned Economics Practitioners and Financial Planning Practitioners

Enhance your Competitiveness. Add Master's Doctoral or Law Degree to your ACCE Qualification from Prestigious Universities

MAR 10
ACCE Inc holds 2nd Induction Ceremony University of Cape Coast conference Hall
AUG 09
ACCE Inc holds 1st Induction Ceremony University of Ghana Business School
NOV 10
ACCE Induction /PD Programme

GAFM /AADM / ACCE Global Recognition

Regulatory body and recognized by the EU Qualifications Framework
Wallstreet and the American Educational Registry

The American Academy of Financial Management™ is an independent worldwide graduate society of financial professionals.

We are a global self-regulatory organization that recognizes the highest in educational, experience, ethical, and continuing education standards as dictated by the Supreme Court decision on financial designations and board certifications.

GAFM™ is also the first Global Financial Organization to orchestrate a direct recognition policy and articulation agreement to the AACSB™ International and ACBSP Accreditation Agencies for obtaining the GAFM MFP Master Financial Professional Credential.

Thus, GAFM now has a global recognition agreement with the ACBSP and the AACSB International, which are the Top 2 Accreditation Agencies Worldwide for Graduate Business Schools and represent 560 of the top business schools internationally.

Also, GAFM is the first purely financial certification training organization to be sanctioned by an education arm of The Chinese Government.

Moreover, GAFM has a coexistence legal agreement with the CFP™ Board of Standards Worldwide and The CFA/AIMR™ Inst.

Worldwide in which GAFM has special global rights to several designations including MFP Master Financial Professional Graduate Designation & The Registered Financial Specialist Credentials.

GAFM is also disclosed, listed and approved for listing in the US Dept. of Education Directory, US Dept. of Labor Websites along with other top financial and accounting organizations.

GAFM is working with over 560 colleges around the world to improve and harmonize financial education and training.

GAFM™ - Governmental Disclosures

GAFM Industry Recognition & Listings

GAFM is delighted to have specific GAFM Brand and designations listed and disclosed on the Department of Education Directory, Dept of Labor, Brochures, United Nations Civil Society Directory, Brochures and Website concerning Financial Designations and Board Certifications along with several years of public disclosure to the FINRA/NASD .

FINRA/NASD Corporate Information from their website:-
Under federal law, virtually every securities firm doing business with the US public is a member of NASD.

Roughly 5,200 brokerage firms, over 96,000 branch offices and more than 664,000 registered securities representatives come under our jurisdiction.

FINRA or NASD do not personally sanction, endorse or approve any certification or designation in the USA.

The following Primary designations are currently recognized on the US websites and Certification Authoritative Directories:

1. CWM™ Chartered Wealth Manager

2. CAM™ Chartered Asset Manager

3. CPM™ Chartered Portfolio Manager

4. MFP™ Master Financial Professional

5. FAD™ Financial Analyst Designate

6. CTEP™ Chartered Trust and Estate Planner

7. RFS™ Registered Financial Specialist

8. CMA™ Chartered Asset Manager

GAFM Global Alliances Partnerships and Recognition

The following are some of the global alliances, recognitions and partnerships that are listed as resources to our members:

1. GAFM has been featured and seen in the world's greatest financial publications such as: The Wall Street Journal™, The Financial Times™ , The Hindu National, China Daily, The El Norte - South America, The Arab Times, Malaysia News, and many Asia, African and Middle Eastern News Venues.

2. GAFM is the First Financial Organization to have a direct alliance with a USA ABA
Accredited Law School. GAFM can offer specialized certification & executive training to
qualified applicants from this USA ONLINE Graduate Law Program.

3. Read about GAFM on the US Dept of Education and Department of Labor Websites

4. GAFM has retained training and content alliances with 4 of the largest financial analyst,
wealth management, and financial planning training companies in the world. BSI, BISYS
International™ , Dearborn Kaplan™ , and INFORMA™ .

5. GAFM is Professional Association Member of The AACSB International™ and the ACBSP™ Accreditation agencies. GAFM recognizes graduates of AACSB and ACBSP accredited business schools worldwide with MFP™ designation eligibility.

Thus, if you have successfully graduated from an AACSB™ or ACBSP™ business school with a concentration in Finance related topics, you are eligible for the core GAFM Designation the MFP or Master Financial Professional™ mark.

6. GAFM and the GAFM Leadership is in a global alliances with the Royal Society of Fellows, the International Management Academy, The Offshore Institute, The Asian Bankers Association.

The Global Finance Forum The International Financial Intermediary The Institute for International Research (IIR), The WMC Wealth Management Commission, The Dubai Quality Institute, The Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The Tax and Estate Planning Law Review© & British Standards International BSI (premier graduate institutes or government agencies for finance, tax, or law).

7. GAFM has top Finance Professors from around the world who are members or honorary

8. GAFM has global trademark co-existence agreements with the CFA Institute and CFP
board where GAFM has special rights to use GAFM Designations Globally.

9. Top Advisors, Members and Professors who hail from Princeton, NYU, BU, Stanford, Tulane, Loyola University, University of London, Australian College of Financial Planning and More.

Read more on our GAFM Global Recognition, References, Listings and Disclosure with Various Authorities..

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